Technology Roadmap for Machine Tools

(The Roadmap for machine tool technology was presented to ‘Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA), GOI, New Delhi’ in September 2010 and presented to SAC-C in February 2011)

The Technology Roadmap addresses the important areas of R&D pertaining to machine tool industry. The main requirements from modern machine tools are Productivity, Precision, Reliability and New materials to be machined /formed. The technology gaps that are necessary to be bridged are briefly outlined in the roadmap.  

The Technology Roadmap highlights the following:
  • The avenues for pre-competitive R&D opportunities
  • It recommends funding for industries to take up the development of such technologies/products based on need and demand.  The machines that need to be developed have been identified. A comprehensive list of various branches of the “machine tool technology tree” contributing to overall machine tool excellence is given in the roadmap.
  • Strengthening of R&D institutions to international standards
  • Funding of machine tool R&D
  • Strengthening of academic institutions and encourage academia-industry R&D collaboration
  • To adopt “Development contract” as a route to technology development
  • The need of developing the new technology of the machines which also come under technology denial regime.
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