International Seminar on Forming Technology (ISFT)

International Seminar on Forming TechnologiesForming technology forms an integral part of manufacturing in many industries and has contributed in the development of many new processing technologies, processing methods, types of machinery, tools, and solutions to design and fabricate end products/finished goods. To address the latest trends developments and research in forming technology. IMTMA organises International Seminar on Forming Technology a day before the start of IMTEX Forming, which is held every even year.

The seminar focuses on Metal Forming Processes, New Materials, Tooling & Design, and Emerging Technologies and brings together the fraternity of forming technology on a common platform to discuss related issues.


Previous Seminars
Year  Venue Theme
2012 Bengaluru Growth & Leadership in Manufacturing
2014 Bengaluru Shaping the future of Manufacturing
2016 Bengaluru Shaping the future of Manufacturing
2018 Bengaluru Stretching the Limits
2020 Bengaluru  
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