The Association also strives to build the next generation of machine tool builders. To this end it has created UDAAN. The UDAAN members comprise of young-generation of family owned enterprises, young entrepreneurs, and young professionals to be nurtured as CEOs/COOs. IMTMA organizes focused programmes on various functional areas to help UDAAN group to conceptualize future strategies linking to the association.


As part of its endeavour to involve the second-generation entrepreneurs, emerging leaders and young professionals of the machine tool industry into the mainstream activities of the industry and the Association, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) launched a young machine tool entrepreneur’s club named as “UDAAN” – Emerging Leaders Expanding Horizons.

“UDAAN” members consists of the following industry representatives : 

  • Second-generation of family-owned enterprises.
  • Young entrepreneurs.
  • Young professionals being nurtured as potential CEOs / COOs.
Key objective of “UDAAN” is to...
  • Nurture, develop and foster leadership development
  • Cultivate them as future ‘think tanks’
  • Groom fresh talent.
  • Encourage and enlist their active participation in all initiative of industry and Association.

“UDAAN” has framed its own charter in keeping with the younger generations’ focus and needs. 

  • Developing self identity.
  • Strong focus on leadership development and self empowerment.
  • Setting high individual goals and values.
  • Combining best of family and  professional management.
  • Firm belief on corporate social responsibility.
  • Identify and address synergies (keeping out competitive-related aspects)
  • Making the Indian machine tool industry globally competitive
  • Sharing and learning best business practices.
  • Scan the future and align actions.
  • Evolving new perspectives on global business development.
  • Selling exciting future of machine tools to young engineers.
  • Re-defining work-life balance. 

In order to fulfil the Charter objectives, “UDAAN” members put together a set of ‘action plans’ for the group and the industry at large. The ‘action plans’ are segmented under four broad categories –

  1. Leadership
  2. Management
  3. Vision
  4. People

For further details contact 

Mr. Srinjoy Das
Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association.
E : srinjoy@imtma.in
T : 0124-4014101 to 4101.
F : 0124-4014101 to 4101.

Click here To download Udaan membership form 

Click here For Emerging Leaders Expanding Horizons PPT 

Click here For 16th ‘Vision 2022’ Conclave Retrospect

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