Realising that exhibitions are crucial for machine tool Industry, IMTMA started its flagship exhibition IMTEX in 1969. Over the years it has gathered strength and has emerged as the leading machine tool exhibition in South East Asia.

The exhibition, which started on Bombay, then moved to Delhi and now held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, which is owned by IMTMA. Originally a combined show of both Metal Cutting and Metal Forming technologies, the show was later (in the year 2009) split into two IMTEX and IMTEX FORMING held in alternate years.

As an extension of IMTEX and IMTEX FORMING, IMTMA had also taken a major step forward – through the MODERN MACHINE SHOP (MMS) exhibitions. The MMS exhibitions were held at multiple locations in India including Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai to bring the latest in manufacturing technology to industrial centres across the country in 2012-2013.

In 2015, IMTMA took another major step towards organising Regional Machine Tool Expo, with an aim of addressing the manufacturing requirements of original equipment manufacturers of various industry sectors in Tier II and Tier II cities in India. Delhi Machine Tool Expo 2015 was the first step towards this and was followed by Ahmedabad Machine Tool Expo in the same year. The 2016 edition will be held in Pune and the expo will return to Delhi in 2017.

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