International Business Promotion

IMTMA supports the export efforts of its members through various initiatives such as group participation in overseas fairs, trade missions, etc.

IMTMA has established an ‘Export Development Cell’ to promote and boost exports. For this purpose, the association has formed a group of companies who are interested in exporting to the overseas markets.

Objectives of the IMTMA Export Development Cell 

  • Bring together export-oriented MTMs to work together as a cohesive group.
  • Gather information, analyse the information and disseminate the information on target markets through Country reports, Market news, etc.
  • Facilitate international presence through interactions between buyers and sellers.
  • Network through EEPC and leverage on its support to promote the ‘Made-in- India’ brand image.
  • Facilitate joint participation and send delegation to trade fairs in target markets

IMTMA has formed Export Development Group to focus on strategic efforts to boost machine tool exports. Through this IMTMA supports the export efforts of its members through initiatives such as group participation in overseas fairs, Trade Missions, developing and establishing international presence through post trade fair discussions and visits to potential customers/distributors.

As a part of export development, IMTMA organises 

  • B2B Mission
  • Group Participation
  • Training
  • Reverse Buyers Seller Meet

For more details on Export Promotion contact: Mahesh Gopalakarishna @

International Market Updates

IMTMA working closely with the government, strives to update the members with the opportunities available in countries across the world.  IMTMA provides expertise and guidance to serve the industry by working with the membership to develop, promote, and implement services that meet customer expectations.

With this purpose, the Association dissiminates information by publishing market reasearch reports on at regular intervals. The reports have been well recieved by the members and the industry. The reports cover the opportunities in various industry sectors, market sixe estimations, accepted norms, estimated growth etc. 

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