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Ten Year Data Pack for Indian Machine Tool Industry Data (FY 2013-14 to FY 2022-23)


IMTMA meticulously compiles machine tool production data from all OEM members and regional associations, forming the foundation for annual production trends. Concurrently, import and export data for machine tools is procured from an external agency and meticulously refined to encompass exclusively machine tool data. The consumption of machine tools in India is extrapolated through a synthesis of production, export, and import data.

Contained within this dataset is a comprehensive summary of the Indian machine tool industry spanning the past ten fiscal years. It encompasses key machine tool segments, such as Horizontal Machining Centres (HMC), Vertical Machining Centres (VMC), lathes, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) equipment, drilling apparatus, milling machinery, boring-milling machines, grinding systems, presses, and others. The dataset presents cumulative values denominated in crore rupees (Rs. Cr) and quantities of machines, capturing the production, import, export, and consumption statistics of major machine tools.

For an even more intricate understanding, detailed records at the line level regarding the import and export of machine tools are available within the database. For those seeking an exhaustive machine-wise ten-year data pack, a nominal fee grants access. Inquiries and requests for this comprehensive dataset can be initiated by contacting


  • IMTMA Members: INR 5,000 (Incl. 12% GST)
  • Non-Members: INR 10,000 (Incl. 12% GST)

FORMAT: Power-Bi; PPT (for analysed data trends) & Excel format

Note: Power Bi license comes with a 60-day validity for downloading the consolidated data set and visual trends in PPT format.

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