IMTMA proactively assists the machine tool industry and its membership by acting as a catalyst. Comprising large, medium and small scale units, the membership of IMTMA manufactures / trades in the entire range of metalworking machine tools; accessories and other ancillary equipment for machine tools; and cutting tools and tooling systems.  

Main objectives include

  • Build a strong brand for the Indian machine tool industry
  • Enhance productivity and competitiveness in manufacturing
  • Support technology and skill development
  • Develop Vision, Mission and Strategies, both at association and industry level
  • Interact with customers and users
  • Interact with Government  on policy issues important to the industry
  • Interact with other industry associations on matters of mutual interest
  • Foster international linkages
  • Disseminate information about the industry and its achievements
  • Provide business opportunities through exhibitions, trade missions, and related activities
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