Annual Report

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association is registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956 as a Section 25 organisation. In keeping with the provisions of the Companies Act, the Association has regularly been publishing the ‘Annual Reports of IMTMA’ which are circulated amongst the membership prior to the Annual Session and ratified unanimously by members at the Annual Business Session of the Association. 

Annual Reports of IMTMA contains activities held by the Association in the preceding financial year, including all its major initiatives as also its key exhibitions and a host of training programmes. The Annual Report further mentions, in brief, the performance of the Indian machine tool industry for the last three fiscal years, and has a special reference about business conditions in this strategic sector all over the world, in the last calendar year. The major highlight of the Annual Report includes the new product developments of the membership and the new members enrolled in the Association in the preceding financial year. 



 Annual Report 2021 - 22

 Annual Report 2020 - 21

 Annual Report 2019 - 20

 Annual Report 2018 - 19

 Annual Report 2017 - 18

 Annual Report 2016 - 17

 Annual Report 2015 - 16

 Annual Report 2014 - 15

 Annual Report 2013 - 14

 Annual Report 2012 - 13

 Annual Report 2011 - 12

 Annual Report 2010 - 11

 Annual Report 2009 - 10

 Annual Report 2008 - 09

 Annual Report 2007 - 08

 Annual Report 2006 - 07 


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