IMTMA is pleased to introduce this value added service provided to members to find the right talent for the industry. Members can post their industry requirement and at the same time job seekers can also view the opportunities in the industry. Candidates have an opportunity to be hand picked by the member companies who can view resumes posted in this segment. There is a provision for candidates to respond directly to the company where IMTMA will have no interference.

Members are requested to use this facility to meet their requirement. All the resumes uploaded IMTMA will review before posting and the posting will be there for 30 days.

Post Your Resume

IMTMA offers this facility for individuals qualified in mechanical/electrical/electronics engineering, production, finance, marketing and HR professionals who wish to consider a career in the machine tool industry to post their resume here.

  • Only IMTMA member companies have the opportunity to view these resumes.
  • Companies will directly contact those individuals whose professional profile matches their requirements.
  • It is for the information for all individuals who post their resume here that IMTMA plays no role in the recruitment of persons by any member company. It is expressly understood that individuals post their resume voluntarily, with no assurance, expressed or implied, that any employment offer will be made by any member company of IMTMA.
  • All correspondence will be made directly between interested companies and persons posting their resume.
  • IMTMA is not responsible, nor does it guarantee that any individual who has posted his/her resume here will receive an offer of employment from any company.
  • IMTMA does not hold itself responsible for securing the confidentiality of any information in the resumes posted here. Individuals are advised to be circumspect in this regard while giving details in their resume. Details of private nature are best given after receiving a response, during engagement with the companies.
  • IMTMA will not entertain or respond to any communication by email or otherwise from any individuals who may post their resume here.

Personal Details
Professional Details
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