COVID-19 Best Practices (Machine Tool Industry)

COVID-19 has become a major health hazard affecting all the areas in the country.  It also has a profound effect on the industry, both goods and services. All sections of the society have been obliged to take stringent precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among their own staff and those coming into the contact with the establishments.

Several establishments starting with Government Departments, Industries, Industry Associations, Medical Bodies and others have come up with measures to be implemented for combating the spread of COVID-19.

IMTMA has created a platform for member companies to learn of these best practices from various organizations.

Members are invited to take advantage of this platform to adopt and implement these best practices in their organizations. Members are also invited to share their best practices by sending their presentations by email to Mr. M G Srinivas, Executive Director - Association Initiatives at which will be subsequently uploaded on the IMTMA website.

ACE-Micromatic - Covid-19 Best Practices

BFW - Covid-19 Best Practices

Micromatic - Covid-19 Best Practices

Seimens - Covid-19 Best Practices

UCAM - Covid-19 Best Practices

Restarting operations after COVID-19 Lock-Down The Toyota Way – Restart Manual

Standard Operating Procedure for Industry Post Lockdown- April 2020 by FICCI 

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