Regional Council

The regional councils of the IMTMA provide the members with a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and discuss the common issues. Currently, IMTMA has three councils – South, West and North and helps in identifying the special needs of manufacturing units including machine tool industries in the region and advice technology centre on the development of training programmes to meet these requirements.  

The Regional Council meetings are held periodically to evolve and communicate to the Executive Committee of IMTMA, the specific requirements in terms of marketing effort, policies, and strategies required to further the interests of the machine tool member companies in the region. As a part of knowledge sharing plant visits are held, coinciding with the Regional Council Meetings, to understand the best practices followed by the industry

IMTMA has already set up Technology Centres in all the three regions to help the Regional Council members’ workforce understand the latest technologies and upgrade their skills.


Chairman: Mr. Sunil Taneja, Managing Director, Ind-Sphinx Precision

Co-Chairman: Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma, Director and Co-Promoter, Bestek Engineering Private Limited.

Recent activities



Chairman: Mr. Rajesh Mandlik, Managing Director, Setco Spindles India Pvt. Ltd.

Co-Chairman: Mr. Vikram V. Salunke, Managing Director, Accurate Gauging & Instruments Private Limited.

Recent activities



Chairman: Mr. Nikhil Agrawal, Managing Director, Nagel Special Machines

Co-Chairman: Mr. S. Sundariya, Unit Head, Wendt (India) Ltd.

Recent activities

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