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Compendium of MSME schemes

Revised classification of MSMEs

Finance schemes

  • COVID-19 finance schemes for MSMEs
  • Online loan processing platform for MSMEs (
  • SIDBI finance schemes for MSMEs
  • NSIC finance schemes for MSMEs

Technology up-gradation and Quality certification schemes

  • Quality Council of India scheme
  • National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program (NMCP)

Marketing support schemes

  • MSME Ministry schemes
  • NSIC schemes

Opportunities in emerging sectors for Machine tools

Medical Devices
Agriculture Machinery & Equipment

Market Research Reports on Machine Tool Export Markets:

Export development cell of IMTMA publishes country reports on select target export markets for members to study the machine tool demand and prepare a road map to promote exports.

Key Report Focus:

  • How to do business in the country
  • Business chain and linkages to the machine tool sector
  • Accepted norms for dealers and customers
  • Market size estimation for metal working machines
  • Sector wise demand for metal working machines
  • Demand forecasts based on growth of the end-user sectors
  • End-user perceptions about Indian brands
  • Recommend areas of improvement
Turkey, UAE & Saudi Arabia (2016)
South East Asian Countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Myanmar (2014)

Comprehensive Reports on Indian Metal Cutting & Metal Forming Machine Tool Industry

The report analyses the demand trends in Indian Machine Tool Industry. Imports of various machines and source of imports are analyzed which can be used as a reference guide for manufacturers in India. Opportunity analysis identifies the key areas of improvement for domestic manufactures and includes strategic recommendations.


Indian Metal Forming Machine Tool Industry – JAN 2020
Indian Metal Cutting Machine Tool Industry – JAN 2019
Indian Metal Forming Machine Tool Industry – JAN 2018
Indian Metal Cutting Machine Tool Industry – JAN 2017
Indian Metal Forming Machine Tool Industry – JAN 2016

Capex Analysis on investment in Machine Tool User Sectors - 2019

Key Sections

  • Project announcement trend in last 24 years
  • Sector-wise Investment in last 7 years
  • Investment by IMTMA’s segments of interest in last 7 years
  • Potential machine tool investments by IMTMA’s segments of interest
  • Segments driving investments in last 7 years
  • Foreign Direct Investment in India
  • Annexure: Segments under Sectors considered

Indian Machine Tool Industry Consumption Statistics

Consolidated data report for two financial years for Production, Import, Export & Consumption of Indian Machine Tool industry by Machine Type- Metal Cutting, Metal Forming, CNC & Non-CNC, New/Used Machines.


Consumption Report FY 2020 - 21
Consumption Report FY 2019 - 20
Consumption Report FY 2018 - 19

Ten Year Indian Machine Tool Industry Data (FY 2011-12 to FY 2020-21)

IMTMA compiles data on production of machine tools from all OEM members and regional associations to arrive at annual production trends. Import and Export of machine tools is obtained from external agency which is filtered to consolidate only Machine Tools data. Consumption of machine tools in India is derived using Production, Export and Import data. Consumption of Indian Machine tool industry by value has reached Rs. 12,036 Cr and production recorded Rs. 6,602 Cr during FY 2020-21. All types of CNC & Non-CNC, metal cutting and metal forming machine tools are produced, exported, imported and consumed in India. Detailed machine wise Ten-year data pack can be obtained against payment by email upon contacting us.


  • IMTMA Members : INR 4,000 + 12% GST = INR 4,480
  • Non - Members : INR 8,000 + 12% GST = INR 8,960

Payment Mode : NEFT


FORMAT : Power-Bi; PPT (For analysed data trends) & Excel format
Note: Power Bi license comes with a 60 days validity for downloading the consolidated data set and visual trends in PPT format.

 Email :

Machine Tools User Industry Updates

Quarterly Updates - Machine Tools User Industry

  • Automobile & Auto Components
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Railways
  • General Engineering
  • Boiler, Turbine, Generator (BTG)
  • Consumer Durables
  • Mobile Handsets
  • Metro Rail
Q1 FY 2021-22 (April to June)
Q4 FY 2020-21 (January to March)
Q3 FY 2020-21 (October to December)
Q2 FY 2020-21 (July to September)
Q1 FY 2020-21 (April to June)
Q4 FY 2019-20 (January to March)
Q3 FY 2019-20 (October to December)
Q2 FY 2019-20 (July to September)
Q1 FY 2019-20 (April to June)
Q4 FY 2018-19 (January to March)
Q3 FY 2018-19 (Oct to December)
Q2 FY 2018-19 (July to September)
Q1 FY 2018-19 (April to June)
Q4 FY 2017-18 (January to March)
Q3 FY 2017-18 (October to December)
Q2 FY 2017-18 (July to September)

Global Forecast for Machine Tools - Oxford Economics

Bi-annual Updates - Global Machine Tool Outlook

  • Machine Tool Outlook
  • Industrial Background
  • Economic Background
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (October 2020)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (April-Draft 2020)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (October 2019)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (April 2019)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (November 2018)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (March 2018)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (Sept. 2017)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (April 2017)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (Sept 2016)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (2016)
Global Forecast for Machine Tools - OXFORD ECONOMICS (2014)

Analysis of Industry Specific News Articles

Analysis of Trends in market, EV segment, Industry 4.0, Additive manufacturing, Economy updates, FTA’s that impact the growth of Indian Machine Tool industry.

Disclaimer : The views, opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in these papers and articles are strictly those of the author(s). They do not necessarily translate the prospects for the machine tool industry. Prospects for the industry reflects on several aspects including timely implementation of polices and prevailing market conditions.

Impact of FTA on Indian Machine Tool Industry - Dec 2019

Electric Vehicle Adoption and its Impact on the Indian Machine Tool Industry

Report Contents

  • Electrification of Mobility: Why now
  • Electrification of Mobility: What is at stake
  • Electrification of Mobility: What is really happening in EV Technology
  • Policy Framework influencing EV adoption
  • Current Landscape in India
  • EV adoption and its impact on Automotive supply chain
  • Impact of EV adoption on Indian machine Tool industry

Guide Book on Export packing of Machine Tools – January 2016

Key Report Focus :

  • How to Prepare the machine for export packing
  • Methods of Packing (Actual Packing) and labeling
  • Transport and Shipment
  • Challenges and uncertainties in export packaging and transporting.

Export Guide Book (2012)

Export Guide Book is intended to serve as a guide for machine tool companies who wish to export their products. Familiarizing oneself with the issues covered in this guidebook will help exporters to plan international market strategy, and ensure that exports develop into a longterm sustained business

PRICE(BOOK) : Rs. 2,200.00
PRICE(CD) : Rs. 1,200.00

Compendium of i2 Academia Pavilion R&D Projects

IMTMA has been in the forefront of bonding Industry - Academia linkage and is continuously taking several initiatives and offering a platform for Indian Academia institutions to participate in its prestigious IMTEX - Indian Machine Tool Exhibitions every year. At IMTEX Forming 2020, IMTMA provides an opportunity for Indian Academic / R&D Institutions to showcase their R&D capabilities in Metalworking field.

This is the brief report on the projects displayed at IMTEX Forming 2020.

Compendium of i2 Academia Pavilion R&D Projects - IMTEX 2020

Reports Archive (Members Only)

Investment Update on Sectors for Machine Tools Industry - 2017
Study to Benchmark the Best Practices for Technology and R&D Processes in the Indian Machine Tool Companies - 2016
Eleven Mega Platforms of Modinomics
Guide Book on Industrial Painting & Coating
ITC requirement for Machine Tool Companies
Compendium of Support Schemes for Industry - May 2012
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