Ministry of MSME

The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises provides funding and incentives for the sector. The Indian Government has identified that the MSME sector not only plays a crucial role in creating employment but also helps in industrializing the rural and backward areas.


MSME Registration

MSME enterprises are the foundation of a vibrant economy and engine of economic growth. Govt. of India has been promoting the growth of MSMEs by providing various benefits that can be availed only if they are registered as an MSME under MSME Act.

Eligible members may please registrar themselves as MSME, if not done earlier. MSME registration helps businesses to avail multiple government subsidies and benefits.

 Various benefits of obtaining MSME registration are outlined below:

MSME Registration Benefits

  • Participate in the International Trade Fairs– All the small businesses have to expand their business across India or on an international level which is required to exposure and support from the government. Govts provide benefits to participate and special consideration in the international and national trade fairs which is organized by the MSME Department.
  • Easy Bank Loans– All the business which is registered under the MSME can avail the benefits regarding the bank loans. Banks provide the collateral-free loans where your property is not pledged with the Banks.
  • Get 50% Discount on Trademark Registration –  In case of apply company Trademark then Government Fees is 9000/- but you can reduce your government fees 50% using MSME/SSI/Udyogaadhaar Registration Certificate.
  • Benefits from Central Government– The central government, from time to time, announces schemes to benefit MSMEs, such as the credit guarantee scheme.
  • Get Subsidy on the Patent Registration – There are a lot of the innovative small firms which are doing some innovative things & required a patent registration which is really expensive. Under this scheme you got the 50% waived off in the patent government registration fee. 
  • Preference in the Government Tenders– MSME certified enterprise is preferred in the government tenders during the bid. so this is one of the most important advantages to win the big tenders.

For further information or any clarification please contact Team MSMEGov/ Contact Number: 9582319868 

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