New 3D Cable carrier ROBOTRAX R140X

With an outside diameter of 140 mm, the R140X is quite spacious and easily accommodates numerous cables and hoses (up to 42 mm diameter) in its 3 chambers. Extremely convenient and comfortable. Swiveling brackets with snap locks make it easy to open and safely close the cable carrier – without any tools!

Another benefit is hidden inside: A divider module helps to horizontally and vertically subdivide the chambers for precisely separating cables and hoses. Similar to the other sizes, the chambers are locked in place through a tensioning and clamping piece and the integrated force-transmitting steel cable.

The R140X is also available in flame-retardant material V0 for applications in special environment. This allows for instance, the application in welding robots.

Upon request, the cable carrier is available as ready-to-install system.

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Kabelschlepp India Private Limited
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