Machine Tool Pierce Long Length Pipes

Designers were restricted in the use of pipes and tubes with circular, elongated and rectangular holes, particularly where long lengths are involved.

Unipunch Toolings, representing Apollo of Italy now offers a solution to the above problem. It is now possible to punch various shapes in 6 to 7 metres length of tubes and pipes.

The innovation in design has been the introduction of an expanding die which allows for variations in the inside dimension of pipes and tubes.

Pipe can now be pierced either on 1 or 2 or 3 sides and produce burr free results. Controls allow variation in pitch. Machine is hydraulically operated.

Industries in display systems, scaffolding supports, truck body building, textile machinery parts may highly benefit by this machine tool, allowing new design concept in the final product.

For more info log on to the website or write to Vikram Sarathy, Unipunch Toolings:

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