Elscint Syringe Feeding, Adhesive Dispensing & Piston Pressing Machine

Elscint recently manufactured a Syringe feeding, Adhesive Dispensing & Piston pressing Machine wherein a large plastic syringe of 45 x 28 x 104 mm length was fed through a big vibratory bowl feeder, namely, Model 630 with a bowl diameter of 1100 mm onto the first station of a 6 station indexing table.

At the next station, two separate types of adhesives were dispensed into the two capsules of the syringe. After the dispensing was complete, the table was indexed and the piston was fed from another big bowl feeder, Model 630 once again. For both these bowl feeders, gravity chutes of almost 1 metre length were used for providing sufficient buffer.

The fourth operation on the indexing table was assembly and pressing of the piston into the syringe (20 mm inside). The fifth station was a "blank" one as the customer wanted to have a provision for checking of the adhesive, if required, in the future. At the sixth station, the dispensed and assembled syringe was ejected into a bin. The speed achieved was 28 parts per minute, including the dispensing of the adhesive. Siemens make S7-200 PLC was used along with Festo make pneumatics for the machine.

Watch video of the equipment here

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