High Precision Engravers

AXIS offers Tooling solutions for Micro Machining for wide range of application demanding materials.

AXIS has developed wide range of High Precision Engravers to meet the requirement of Precision engraving for Watch Making, Medical, Die and Mould, Micro machining, Jewelry, Signage and Camfacture.

Our Engraving tools can machine variegated materials like Steels, Hardened steels, Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass, Gold, Platinum, Titanium, Plastics, Aluminium, Composites and MDF

High Precision Engravers with minimum tip radius of ≤ 0.050 (50 micron ) with very close tolerances are made to order.

AXIS offers following types of Engravers:

  • Engravers with flat ends
  • Helical Engravers
  • Reinforced Engraver with flat tips
  • Reinforced Engraver with Tip radius

Features :

  • Polished flute
  • Sharp / Uniform cutting edges
  • Close tolerances
  • Customised Tip angles
  • Balanced Micro-geometries

Benefits :

  • High Engraving surface quality
  • Burr free engraving
  • Consistent Performance
  • Long tool life

AXIS Tool design encompasses balanced Micro Geometries, Precise Edge preparation, Super-finishing and High Performance NexGen Coatings.

Team AXIS understands evolving customer needs to offer solutions in most demanding applications.



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