AXIS CVD Diamond Coated tools for Graphite Machining

AXIS presents CVD Diamond coated tools for machining of Graphite Electrodes and machined graphite parts.

Efficient machining of graphite is difficult due to its abrasive and brittle properties. Graphite electrodes used in EDM need to be precise and accurate.

Challenges presented while machining electrode graphite are:

  • High Speed machining centres with 30000- 60000 rpm spindles are capable of accelerated feeds that serve to reduce cycle times and improve surface finish, as well as edge quality. This results in lower cutting forces and reduced tool breakage. This is particularly critical because many electrodes are intricate and their production involves small, fragile micro tools.
  • Increased RPMs require properly balanced tool geometries with significantly increased chip room to assure proper chip removal. Optimum geometry can assist in both quality and efficiency.

At AXIS, we provide tools with close tolerances and highly uniform CVD Diamond Coating resulting into high quality and precise machining of graphite electrodes. AXIS CVD Diamond coated tools offer:


  • Extreme wear resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • High Precision
  • Very high Form accuracies for Corner Radius and Ball Nose End Mills


  • Increased tool life 10-20x
  • Improved process capability
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