AXIS CVD Diamond Coating Facility Installation

AXIS is pleased to announce installation of its state-of-the-art CVD Diamond Coating facility in its premises at Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh.

This marks new milestone in our quest to offer tools with NexGen Coatings and strengthens the manufacturing capabilities to offer tools for applications in emerging materials.

We have capability to coat a wide range of tools designed for the most challenging applications such as new age PCB’s electronics, CFRP, graphite, green ceramics, etc.

Features of CVD-Diamond Coatings:

  • Extreme Hardness up to 10000HV
  • Increase tool life -5-20x
  • Cutting Edge retention
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Edge stabilization

We are fully integrated manufacturers of tools with CVD-diamond coating with long standing experience in manufacture and sales of these types of tools.

We have a vibrant team of professional engineers trained in Europe and Japan fully geared up to start the process.

AXIS….always at the front End.....................

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