INDSPHINX launches New Corporate Movie

IND-SPHINX Precision Limited, world’s leading manufacturer of high precision PCB drills and router bits and AXIS tools for micro machining has launched a new movie to give you an experience of their state-of-the art facility.

The new movie features the DNA of the company that has built a reputation of providing world class, innovative, value for money and comprehensive tooling solutions to the most technologically advanced countries of the world.






The movie will take you through:

  • History of INDSPHINX and AXIS
  • Technology and  Integrated Process Management
  • Vibrant Team
  • Application sectors
  • NexGen In-house PVD and CVD Diamond coatings
  • Super finishing technology

The company is moving swiftly in a rapidly changing technological environment, imbibing the four key components of its DNA: quality, precision, consistency and people. INDSPHINX will continue to pursue productive excellence to help its global customer achieve efficient micro machining.


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