Meeting Local Demand for Automation with Indigenous Robots

Automation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the manufacturing and process sector. It is becoming the change enabler for Indian companies to tackle the challenges of lack of skilled workers, increased demand, and international competition. Automation and robotics are improving productivity, performance and quality in high-volume, repetitive tasks in industries like automotive, electrical, electronics, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, chemicals, general engineering, textiles, etc. Newer applications are being seen in healthcare, military, agriculture, search and rescue, etc. Use of Robotics has also helped balance investment and the cost of goods, and increase the rate and scale of production at many companies. Robots come in various shapes and sizes. Most commonly found robots in the industry are robotic arms such as vertically articulated arms, Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arms (SCARA). Robots are also seen in the forms of autonomous guided vehicles, drones, interactive information stations. It is one of the fastest growing fields with uses evolving for industries and consumers. The robotics and automation fields bring together multiple engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, electronics and computer science that determine design, application and operations in the next revolution in manufacturing referred to as Industry 4.0. According to a survey conducted by CIMA, UK 64% of Indian industry professionals support automation. Globally the use of robots is growing at the rate of 6.73% and in India that growth nearly doubles at 12%.

The Government of India (GoI) has recognized the growth and demand in automation solutions and is supporting efforts by Indian companies to build solutions to meet the local demand. Inspired by MAKE IN INDIA and supported by the government, MTAB Engineers has developed and launched SR4 Series of high performance SCARA Robots. The SR4 Series guarantees high accuracy and reliability with minimum operational and maintenance cost. The robot is designed for compact installation while maximizing reach and can be adapted to many automation systems, simple or complex.

The SR4 Series SCARA Robots can be used in several applications such as pick & place operation, palletization, screw assembly, packaging, gluing, testing, etc., and can be deployed in multiple industries. The use of industry standard, high reliable components, protocols ensures performance, reliability and easy integration to give small and medium manufacturers in India, a robust and economic solution.

For more information, please contact MTAB Engineers at or call +91 (44) 4311-1113

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