AMC introduces Automated Robotic Grinding and Finishing Systems.

Enabling Make in India


AMC Automation (our Brand), has designed, developed and deployed many Robotic Automation system for Indian Industry, many of which have been the 1st in India.

AMC has a manufacturing legacy 0f 75 years. We have specialized in Sheet Metal processing machines and Robotic Automation Systems.

The Robotic Grinding system allows for Precision Grinding, Uniformity and Time saving operations. The system can be used in Fettling, DE flashing, Cutting of runner riser, Alloy wheel finishing, Grinding, Chamfering parts , Grinding of Small parts, Faucets etc.

We offer SMART manufacturing solutions, which not only enhance and increase the production, but improve quality through measured results.

We are a proud Make in India company and would like to partner in Indian Industries Growth.


Automated Grinding & Finishing Robotic Systems

Welded Components / Castings / De- Flashing

Sheet Metal Parts

Chamfering Parts

Small Parts Grinding


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