Elscint 4 Outlet Automatic Tapping Machines for M6 & M2 Tapping

Elscint Automation, the leading vibratory parts feeder manufacturer from India has developed four headed Automatic Tapping Machines.

One recently completed order was for a called electrical cable clamp. The tapping required was M6 and tapping depth was 1.5 mm. The customer requirement was for tapping at a very high speed. Hence, Elscint recommended a 4 headed tapping head. Elscint used a cast aluminium bowl with tooling made in stainless steel with 4 outlets for feeding to the tapping head. Gravity chutes with escapements / singulators for each of the chutes were provided.

At the tapping station, tapping took place with the help of a specially designed four head spindle tapping attachment. The components were stopped with an (patented) Elscint pneumatic escapement while the tapping took place. After tapping, the tapped components were released / unloaded to fall into a bin. The bin had a provision for recirculation of the coolant / oil to be used for tapping along with a coolant tray. The machine had a PLC and a HMI for easy operator interface. The machine had option of running a coolant or tapping oil.

Recirculation of the oil / coolant was also provided for. Sensors were used to check the possibility of tap breakage as well as for providing indication to the operator that the components in the bowl feeder were empty. The complete machine was enclosed in a dust free polycarbonate cover. A speed of 60 parts per minute was achieved. You can watch the video of this tapping machine.

The second machine was similar, for a part called Cable Nut. The tapping in this case was M2 and providing 4 spindles for automatic tapping for this size required precision work. However, this too was manufactured to give an output of 60 parts per minute.

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