Customized tool systems - guarantee top performance

Customized tool systems - guarantee top performance

With the corporate claim exactly yours, experts of the LMT Tools Group promise their customers to offer exactly the solution they actually need. This promise encompasses customized tool solutions which stand out against standard solutions and, at the same time, feature the latest tool research innovations. This guarantees users that their production is operating at top efficiency.

Using innovative development methods and new production processes such as the computer aided simulation of machining processes or the construction of prototypes using the additive production process 3D printing, today, tool concepts can be optimized easily and fault-free and adapted to customer requirements. For example, prototypes of milling and threading tools can be created before work is started at the customer side in order to then quickly and reliably fulfil the requirements of the final application in terms of efficiency while avoiding unnecessary costs.

Even customized high-performance coatings and innovative cutting material configurations contribute significantly in this regard. Below are a few examples of the ways in which impactful customer-specific tool solutions were implemented.

Our own coating know-how facilitates - individual solutions

Without innovative tool coatings, it would be impossible to meet the permanent demand for increased machining performance. It is essential that layer properties are precisely adapted to the specific application. This is where our own coating center – in addition to excellent know-how – comes into play, allowing us to customize solutions to customers' needs. In Germany, the LMT Tools Group even has two coating centers, one at LMT Fette and the other at LMT Kieninger, where new coatings are constantly being developed.

One innovative example is our "Nanomold Black" coating. It closes the application gap between the already established high-performance coatings "Nanomold Gold" and "Nanomold Red" (image 1). While the gold coating is the first choice for roughing and semifinishing materials in the lower hardness range and the red coating displays its true performance during the finishing of hardened materials up to 65 HRC, Nanomold Black covers a more universal application range. It is highly suitable for machining steel, cast steel and cast iron up to a hardness of 56 HRC.

Special carbide sintering process increases performance

The roughing of large surfaces subjects tool blades to particularly high stress. Short tool life can lead to serious issues. With the newly developed CopyMax®2 indexable insert (image 2), LMT Kieninger is able to quadruple tool life.

Another new feature is that the copy insert is manufactured using the High Quality Sintering (HQS) process. With this process, even more stable cutting edges can be achieved thanks to the increased mold pressure and a special design. They are particularly beneficial for the roughing and semi-finishing of large molds as well for removing residual material and enable machining with maximum process reliability.

The copy milling plate itself has an entirely new construction design. It has improved cutting and material properties as well as a fully functional second cutting edge. When the first cutting edge is worn, the insert can be turned over and re-used with the same long service life. Practical application of the tool shows that the tool life of each cutting edge is twice that of the cutting edges used in conventional copy milling plates.

Another advantage of the milling system is its user friendliness. The second cutting edge is integrated in the tool geometry in such a way that users can mount the insert in the tool holder precisely, safely and easily. The solution includes the new conical shaft and a specially designed clamping screw.

Hybrid cutting materials open up a new gear hobbing application

Wherever things need to turn, in a car's transmission or a wind turbine, for example, there are gear cutting tools from LMT Fette. Our engineering experts have developed a large product portfolio, ranging from PM-HSS and SpeedCore gear hobs to carbide tools, which meets diverse performance and quality requirements.

New to our portfolio are the CARBIDELINE - H – gear hobs (image 3). They are a hybrid construction, meaning that they are made of two different materials which are firmly bonded together. These materials are steel and carbide. These innovative gear hobs are available in the module range 5 to 12. They open up a new area of application and are the top choice when it comes to the preparation and production of large lot sizes, where the cost of VHM milling cutters is too high, and gear cutting quality is too low with insert tools. The preferred area of application is gears for service vehicles in the fields of mechanical engineering and energy technology. They can – like the solid carbide gear hob – be reconditioned up to twenty times at one of our LMT service centers after they have exhausted their tool life, thus facilitating low life cycle costs.

Customized "CTline" tangential rolling heads for customer-specific applications

Thread rolling systems are part of the important core competencies of LMT Fette. The proven user benefits of thread rolling compared to a cut thread are extremely short production times with highest thread stability, constant dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. The brand new and very user-friendly LMT Fette axial rolling head EVOline was launched very recently and has since proven itself many times over.

Now, we are presenting a further step in increased efficiency for non-cutting external thread production: The “CTline” (customizable tangential rolling head) concept.

“Customized” refers to customer-specific solutions through modifications to standard rolling heads. The advantages of this concept range from even greater customization of production performance to shorter delivery times in comparison with traditional special solutions. Here, we focus on customer-specific requirements for the component, the machine tool and the machining process as well as individual customer goals. Even slight changes to tool making, tool stability or coolant supply can significantly increase rolling head efficiency or make efficiency possible in the first place, as opposed to what was possible with standard solutions.
3D printing, an additive manufacturing method, is also used to develop solutions more quickly and to optimize functionality (image 4).

Our motto exactly yours is, however, not realized only through the implementation of customized executions and applications of precision tools. The LMT Tools Group also fulfils this promise in the truest sense of the word through the customized processing of personal products such as knee prosthetics, dental implants, and individual adjustment of eyeglass frames.

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