New Modular Holding and Clamping Technology by Spectra Tools

India International Innovation Fair (IIIF) awarded Spectra Tools a silver medal in recognition of Creativity and Innovation during the recently held IIIF event at BIEC Bengaluru on September 9 – 11, 2016.

New Product Design

  • Spectra developed unique rigid Modular Holding System that has been International patent approved (PCT) and pending Indian patent.
  • Spectra designed various special cutting tools by using this modular holding system and clamping technology that improved the performance by multiple folds.


Spectra designed new rigid clamping for shafts of equal / unequal sizes with modular in nature, flexibility of adjusting and locking in precise lateral and angular alignment in micron level. Engineered to meet variety of conditions and accuracy requirements with following main features :

  • Mechanically clamped joints within the diameter of connected shafts, providing highest torsional holding power.
  • Precise lateral and angular alignment setting in micron level after assembly and locking of joints rigidly.
  • Large contact surface between the connected joints and hence better locking strength.
  • Keyless joints between the connected shafts reducing the maintenance and failure.
  • Rigid interlocking between the shafts without any backlash.
  • Dynamically balanced design.
  • Joints are easier to assemble and as the connected parts need not be rotated. They are only slided into position and locked rigidly. Joints are compact in nature.
  • Double anti rotational safety in design. i.e. square to square inter locking of the connected parts in centre and locking by grub screws with interfacing position which acts as locking as well as anti-rotational holding.
  • Mechanically clamping and joining dissimilar material shafts / parts rigidly.

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