Modular tooling - what is it?


What is Modular tooling, and how does it reduce tooling cost?

Modular tooling is tools assembled from a set of common building blocks. You can quickly assemble tools for different applications, of different lengths. This reduces the cost of tooling, and the lead time to make special-purpose tool holders. It’s like a Lego set. You initially get a variety of modules. Then, instead of ordering holders at high cost and waiting for months for them, you just build them with the standard modules that you already have.

On a CNC machining center, you have a set of machine interface adapters that go into the machine, with tapers suiting the spindle – HSK, BT, etc. Then there is a set of extenders of different lengths, and finally tool adapters for various tools, like side lock holders, face mill holders and collet holders. You can clamp the tool adapter directly to the machine interface adapter or, if you want a greater length, put an extender in between.

On a CNC lathe the machine interface adapter is clamped on the turret, and the cutting head goes into the interface adapter.

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This blog is written by Dasarathi GV, Director-Applications, Cadem Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


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