Abhijat Equipment's Twin Spindle CNC Lathe

Abhijat, a leading manufacturer of automats recently supplied a twin spindle CNC lathe to a Bangalore based Manufacturer. This Twin spindle m/c has two spindles facing each other and they are driven by a common drive. A common slide is placed in between the two spindles and this slides works against each of them.

The machine is provided with Auto loading facility comprising of a servo driven linear actuator and combination of pneumatic guided cylinder and gripper operator has to load the component in first spindle, wherein the first side operation is completed. The loading system transfer part automatically from first spindle to second spindle. Second operation is completed there. Thus completed part is automatically gripped and moved to unloading station from where it comes out of machine.

The machine is provided with hydraulic clamping chucks in both spindles electro pneumatic loading and transfer system and advanced CNC controller.
Many safety inter locks are provided, full guarding is provided and specious working area is provided to ensure safety, is at working and improved maneuverability machine text very less floor area and machine has unbeatable price tag

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