Today, manufacturing is becoming highly automated and IT-enabled or simply put, "Smart". While automation is fairly well established in manufacturing, by linking it with intelligent devices and a strong IT backbone, manufacturing systems are moving towards autonomous systems. Manufacturing technologies are undergoing dramatic changes and evolving exponentially in the areas of machine to machine communication, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and networking. These paradigm shifts are making factories smarter, safer, more predictable and sustainable.

Smart Manufacturing is envisioned as the future of manufacturing. It integrates human ingenuity coupled with data and technology to revolutionize the development and application of manufacturing intelligence to all aspects of business. We need to develop our version of "Smart Manufacturing" by building intelligence into our business processes.

To understand and address the real-time application and benefits of Smart Manufacturing in the Indian context, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organizing the 2nd edition of 'Symposium on Smart Manufacturing on 24 - 25 February 2017 in Bangalore. This symposium is a combination of technical presentations, case studies, interactive sessions and panel discussions with industry experts.


Industry experts from renowned companies Viz. Roland Berger, ABB Global, Robert Bosch Engg., Beumer India, Schunk Intec, Universal Robots, Festo, AMIT, ifm electronic, TAL Mnfg., Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts, amongst others.

Presentation Topics

  • Overview of Smart Manufacturing in the Indian context
  • Manufacturing Plant Integration as a 1st step to Industry 4.0
  • IIoT of Robots
  • Smart & Cost Effective Automation
  • Data Collection
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Connected Factory
  • Pneumatics on the Network
  • Intelligent Clamping & Gripping
    - Industry 4.0 ready
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Virtual Manufacturing
  • Smart Sensors
  • Smart Logistics

Panel Discussions

  • "Application of Industry 4.0 and IIoT in Indian Context - The way forward"
  • "Smart Manufacturing - What is in it for me?"
    Panel discussions will address various aspects of Industry 4.0 relevant to Indian context at the organisational level, Infrastructure considerations, Skills sets required, cost implications, etc., and draw up a roadmap for successful adoption of Smart Manufacturing.

Who Should Participate?

Given the importance of the subject and wide coverage of topics, participation is invited from CEOs, Top Management Executives, Senior Executives, Practicing engineers, Industry consultants and R&D Specialists from manufacturing industries Viz. Automotive, Auto components, Consumer durables, Machine tools, Tool rooms, Aerospace, Defence and Railway units, PSUs, General Engg. & other discrete manufacturing industries.

Tentative Programme Schedule

24 February 2017 (Friday)

0800 - 1000 Registration with Tea / Coffee
1000 - 1100Inaugural & Keynote Session
"Overview of Smart Manufacturing in the Indian Context" - ROLAND BERGER
1100 - 1125 Tea/Coffee
1125 - 1225 Panel Discussion : "Application of Industry 4.0 and IIoT in Indian context - The way forward"
1225 - 1230 Change over
1230 - 1305"Manufacturing Plant integration as a 1st step to Industry 4.0", ABB Global Industries & Services
1305 - 1420 Lunch
1420 - 1455"Pneumatics on the Network", Festo Controls
1455 - 1515 Tea/Coffee
1515 - 1550"IO-link technology as a first step towards Smart Manufacturing", ifm electronic India
1550 - 1555 Change over
1555 - 1630"IIoT of Robots", TAL Manufacturing Solutions
1630 - 1635Change over
1635 - 1710"Smart & Cost Effective Automation"
- A Case study, Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts
25 February 2017 (Saturday)

0930 - 1115 Session : Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
0930 - 1005 "Data Collection",
Ace Micromatic Manufacturing Intelligence
1005 - 1040 "Connected Factory - A Case Study", Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions
1040 - 1115 "Big Data Analytics", Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions
1115 - 1135 Tea/Coffee
1135 - 1210 "Smart Logistics", Beumer India
1210 - 1215 Change over
1215 - 1250 "Collaborative Robots (Cobots) drive Industry 4.0 by Human-Robot collaboration paradigm", Universal Robots
1250 - 1410 Lunch
1410 - 1445 "Virtual Manufacturing", PQIS
1445 - 1450Change over
1450 - 1525"Intelligent Clamping & Gripping - Industry 4.0 ready", Schunk Intec
1525 - 1550 Tea/Coffee
1550 - 1650 Panel Discussion :
"Smart Manufacturing - What is in it for me?"
1650 - 1700 Wrap up

Symposium Highlights

  • Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence
    Once Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process on a factory floor is implemented, it keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees. Various components of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Viz. Data collection, Big data analytics, Data security etc. are essential to translate manufacturing data from across the plant-floor into actionable information that can be used by decision makers at the enterprise level. The practical approach to work with existing legacy machines and transform the manufacturing system to a "Connected Factory" is discussed.

  • Manufacturing Plant Integration as a 1st step to Industry 4.0
    The "last mile connectivity" to the shop floor is often missing and as a result, real time decision making is difficult. Equipment on the shop floor ranges from manual machines to computer controlled machines. Automated real time data capture from the shop floor and implementing a roadmap for seamless linking of top floor to shop floor is the need of the day.

  • IIoT of Robots
    The place of robots in several functions is now a given. Integration of Robots for information exchange with the overall plant manufacturing system is a necessity towards moving to Smart Manufacturing. Capability of Robots to become "self - intelligent" to enable process optimisation without human intervention in the manufacturing space will lead to Smart Manufacturing.

  • Smart & Cost Effective Automation
    This case study presentation is on the implementation of 'Karakuri', a Low Cost Automation concept with minimal expenditure of outside sources of energy. Live examples implemented on the shop floor will demonstrate that SMART manufacturing does not necessarily mean high technology costly automation and results can be achieved by using Karakuri techniques.

  • Pneumatics on the Network
    Applications by which SMART pneumatic products / systems have been developed through appropriate automation, which has thereby led to implementing of Industry 4.0 in discrete manufacturing, will be featured in this presentation.

  • Smart Logistics
    While companies take steps to implement Industry 4.0, if the supply chain is not strengthened, no benefits will accrue. SMART supply chain and logistics is an integral part of SMART Manufacturing. Conceptualisation, implementation and management of Smart logistics to attain optimum inventories will be discussed

A display of wide range of automation products, equipment and smart manufacturing solutions is being concurrently held with this Symposium. Automation Buzz will be an ideal platform to meet and network with leading industry experts, manufacturers and solution providers, to address your challenges in automation and Smart manufacturing.

AUTOMATION BUZZ and the Symposium will be held in the same venue (BIEC Conference Centre) and will be open for visit during the entire duration of the Symposium on 24-25 February 2017