Symposium on Smart Automation 2019

Date: 21st November 2019

Venue: BIEC, Bangalore

Industrial Automation is more than a century old. Conveyorised assembly changed the way automobiles were assembled bringing down costs and making them affordable to the middle class. Today, practically every industry has deployed automation. Very complex automation in the form of Computer Integrated Factories has also been in practice since the last few decades. However higher the level and complexity of automation, greater the difficulty in managing it.

Automation is getting “Smarter” by the day. Digitalisation is now disrupting our lives including our manufacturing systems, enabling mass customisation, improving productivity, reliability and maintainability. Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) is organizing the “Symposium on Smart Automation” on 21 November 2019 in Bangalore. This Symposium will discuss and debate different facets of "Smart" Automation through user case studies, innovative technologies and thereby create a road map for industries to adopt "Smart" Automation.


2018 Symposium Report

Previous Symposiums
Year Venue Theme
2016 BIEC, Bangalore Automation, a key driver
2017 BIEC, Bangalore Evolving the Factories of Future
2018 Pune Driving Manufacturing Excellence Through Automation
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