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Industry-Institute R&D meeting place

Welcome to IMTMA's R&D matchmaking site, that brings together Industries and Institutes who want to work on joint R&D projects.

IMTMA has approximately 500 member industries manufacturing machine tools, accessories and cutting tools. These industries are increasingly moving from 'Made in India' to 'Designed in India'. This requires R&D. A large percentage of machine tools and accessories manufactured in India are used in mass production, where SPMs, special accessories and fixturing, and custom-built solutions are needed. This too requires the development of unique solutions to the variety of different problems.

There is R&D happening in industries, and R&D happening in institutes. However, these are independent of each other. There is a good bit of R&D collaboration between industries and institutes now, but initiated through personal connections or word of mouth. There is no mechanism by which an industry can get in touch with a suitable institute or vice versa. This site provides a means of doing this.

The problem it aims to address:

1. An industry wants to outsource R&D in a particular area to an institute, but has no idea which institute has knowledge in this area.
2. An institute is doing a lot of work in a particular area, wants to collaborate with an industry to commercialize its knowledge or do industry-related R&D projects, but has no idea which industries need its expertise.

The site has:

1. A database of industries with the R&D areas they are interested in
2. A database of institutes with their R&D capabilities.
3. A Search facility for locating a suitable partner.

First register and enter your details, search for a suitable partner, get in touch with the partner and carry on dicussions offline.

Start by clicking on  Institute Users  or   Industry Users  whichever is appropriate to you.