Perspective Plan

The Perspective Plan for the machine tool industry was presented to the ‘Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public enterprises, DHI, GOI,New Delhi’  in August 2010.

The machine tool industry has been recognized as a strategic industry in NMCC’s report to the PMO. The machine tool industry determines the manufacturing competitiveness in important sectors such as automobiles, consumer goods and others. It plays a vital role in countering technology denial in strategic sectors such as defence production, aerospace and nuclear.

A strong machine tool industry is essential to realize ambitions in manufacturing growth, provide sustained manufacturing competiveness and ensure national security.
The mission of machine tool industry is to…

  • Secure a domestic market share of 50% in five years and 67% by 2020
  • Become one among the top 10 machine tool producing nations of the world
  • Raise exports to a significant level of at least 20%

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Development Council for Machine Tool (DCMT)

The Development Council for Machine Tools (DCMT) is the principal body charged with the responsibility to foster the growth and development of the machine tool industry. The DCMT is headed by the Secretary, Heavy Industries with a wide membership drawn from the machine tool industry, public and Private sector users, Government departments & Policymaking bodies.

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