Advanced Machine Tool Testing Facility (AMTTF)

AMTTF is a joint project of the machine tool industry and the Dept of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) of the Govt of India to establish a state-of-the-art machine tool testing facility at the Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI), Bangalore. This is a dedicated facility equipped with the latest equipment and facilities to test machine tools, accessories, parts, and subsystems to establish their performance and reliability against international standards. The facility will help machine tool and related companies to test, troubleshoot and upgrade their products to higher levels of performance.

AMTTF is located within the premises of CMTI as a separate unit. AMTTF is equipped with the necessary facilities such as test beds, test equipment, specialized test rigs, and other instrumentation. The selection and design of this facility will be done in close consultation with the machine tool industry and the experts of CMTI. AMTTF will also draw on the existing facilities and staff at CMTI to carry out its activities.

Services offered:
  • Performance Evaluation of Machine Tools, Accessories and Sub-systems
  • Testing and Calibration of Machine Tools
  • Static,  Dynamic and Thermal Testing
  • Reliability Tests, Troubleshooting and remedial measures
  • Sub-assembly Testing (Spindles, axes, etc.,)
  • CE Certification of machine tools
  • CAD/CAE Services
  • Testing Electronic Controls and systems
  • Testing for Safety and Automation

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