Guidelines for Members

  • Debit Note for Membership Subscription Fee for the financial year to be issued to all members in the first week of April every year.
  • Members to pay Membership Subscription Fee on or before 30th June (3 months’ time given).
  • Reminders for payment to be sent to members during May & June requesting them to expedite payment.
  • Further, wherever applicable, one month notice to be sent to members informing about the stoppage of membership benefits/privileges including voting rights, etc.
  • If payment is not received by 31st July, membership benefits/privileges of IMTMA to be stopped/ discontinued to such defaulting members.
  • Final reminder to be sent to defaulting members in October advising them to expedite outstanding Membership Subscription Fee.
  • Names of members whose payment has not been received until 31st October, to be placed in the subsequent meeting of the Executive Committee for Cessation of Membership.
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