New Product Development : Roll-Up Covers


KABELSCHLEPP INDIA introduces and adds up a new member in our product range for Machine Tool Guide way Protection Systems by developing Roll-Up Covers integrated with MA 8 Wiper.

This innovative design of Roll-up cover offer countless advantages when compared to traditional and existing design of Roll-up Covers in the market. These are developed with the aim of reducing the downtime consumed for machine maintenance and cleaning while maximizing productivity.

ROLL-UP COVERS designed for LATHES respond to the need to limit hazards caused by the movement of the lead screw and spline shaft.

Pictures of ROLL-UP COVERS


Advantages of ROLL-UP COVERS for LATHES

  • Offers High Reliability and Optimum Performance with High Speeds.
  • Self Cleaning of ROLL-UP COVER Band Fabric.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Compact Size.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • Shatter-proof in case of accidental breakage.
  • Band Fabric is coolant and oil resistant.
  • Return mechanism with spring.
  • Galvanized Steel and Zinc plating offers resistant to adverse effects of atmospheric agents.

Design Available with CANISTER and without CANISTER

ROLL-UP COVERS are customized and manufactured as per Customer Requirements to suit various applications for Machine Tool Guide way Protection Systems and other Industrial Applications.



KABELSCHLEPP INDIA has developed and manufactured TELESCOPIC COVERS with the application of SPECIAL and HIGH TENSILE RIVETS and other fastening techniques with the aim of completing eliminating WELDING process to eliminate distortation encountered during welding process and to reduce total manufacturing time. Our innovative manufacturing technology of TELESCOPIC COVERS offers many advantages.

  • Offers High Product Accuracy and Alignment on Machine Guide ways.
  • No product distortation due to elimination of Welding Process.
  • Application of Special and High Tensile Rivets imparts Telescopic Cover with High Reliability.
  • Ease in installation and dismantling.
  • Ease in maintenance eliminating the need of skilled person.
  • Reduced down time with increased productivity.
  • Highly Aesthetical in appearance.
  • Cost Effective Design and Manufacturing Technique.

Pictures of Telescopic Covers


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