Dr.Dirk Landgrebe

Keynote Address :Dr.Dirk Landgrebe Fraunhofer IWU Chemnitz; Director Technical University of Chemnitz Professor for Forming and Joining-
Title : "Latest Trends in Manufacturing Technology for Increasing use of Composites in Aerospace and the Automotive Sector"

This keynote presentation will focus on Trend and Progress in developing new Forming processes such as Combination of Hydro-forming with Injection Molding, Continuous Orbital Wrapping and 3D Printing to replace sheet metal / metal parts with combination of Plastic and Metal, illustrated with some examples such as Engine Mount, Rear Seat Backrest and Hydraulic Valve Block.

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Dr.Andreas Sterzing

Mr.Peter Blau

Title : “Innovative process chains for alternative drive concepts in e-mobility”
- Fraunhofer IWU- Germany

With increasing volumes of Electrical Vehicles, they are being specifically designed rather than adapted from their conventional clones. With this, there are quite different Automotive Drive Train System components emerging. There are altogether new manufacturing processes, predominantly based on Forming Technologies, being developed for meeting specific product / process optimization and light weighting of the Electric Vehicles of near future, which would be shared.

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Mr.Markus Geier

Title : "New Processes for Composite Production in Automotive and Aerospace Industry"
- Dieffenbacher, Germany

Wet Molding of CFRP parts has been a cost effective technology to produce high quality parts for automotive industry. With the new Fiberforge Tapelaying system and the Fibercon Tailored Blank consolidation system, a new benchmark has been set in the industry for the manufacture of part specific Composite tailored blanks . Fiberforge is designed to suit the need of the automobile industry in terms of product dimensions, through-put capacity and material efficiency. This paper will introduce the features and performance which have been achieved, based on several applications. Fiberforge and Fibercon together are the key elements of the Tailored Blank manufacturing line. The concept of fully automated production line will be disclosed in this paper.

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Mr.Amarkant Jha

Title : "New Manufacturing concept (Monozukuri) for Machine Tools' Cover"
- Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Monozokuri is an art and science of optimization of manufacturing process. The new manufacturing Techniques utilises punch-laser combination machine and laser welding system for reduction of secondary processes, enhancement of bending process and enhancement of welding process are being illustrated with example of machine tool cover. This presentation also illustrate the use of BK extrusion & tapping to replace weld nuts. It would be equally applicable to all kinds of enclosures cutting across sectors.

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Mr.Abhijit Chakravarty

Title : "Transforming the Ordinary into Extraordinary through Tube Hydroforming"
- Electropneumatics & Hydraulics, India

Over the period of last few years, there has been a steady increase in the application of “Tube Hydroformed Components”. This is been seen over a wide spectrum of auto components like chassis cross member parts, trailing arms, crash members and exhaust housings. This talk will present, extraordinary cases of Tube Hydro-formed parts with inclusion of Hydro-piercing, Hydro-joining and Bellow Forming, for reducing the steps in manufacturing process and light-weighting, along with case studies of benefits.

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Title : "A case for IC Engine from Sheet Metal"
- IIT Bombay India

This case study will present pioneering research work in developing the process of making IC Engine Block, Piston Head and Connecting Rods using sheet metal. The focus would be on innovative Cooling System to replace water jacket. Lightweighting of engine components serves to reduce the inertia of moving parts and fuel saved per stroke is expected to add up to significant savings on fuel and consequent reduction in emissions.

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Mr.Albert Sedlmaier

Title : "3D Roll Forming Center for Rapid Prototyping of Automotive Parts"
- data M Sheet Metal Solutions, Germany

It is “first of its kind” technology for the production of load-optimized roll formed profiles with variable cross sections in 3D, such as Vehicle Frame with ultra-high strength material and possibility to compensate spring back. It will showcase the first (robot driven) prototyping machine for the manufacturing of automotive 3D profiles whereby whole families of parts can be produced with the same tool set, by simple changing the kinematic movement of respective roll tools. It is ideal for small as well as big lot sizes.

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Equipment & Software

Dr.Apostolos Papaioanu

Title : "Trends in Metal Forming : Press Shop of the Future"
- AIDA, Italy

Future trends focus on increasing use of Servo Presses and Digitalization of the press shop towards ‘Industry 4.0’, covering implementation of various sensors and data acquisition components within the presses to collect data from both, process and the press. The application of Servo presses to help reduce the springback by applying a modified slide kinematic with a special stroke vs. velocity profile and thus improve part quality and reduce scrap rate along with significant energy saving and noise reduction will be shared.

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Mr.Yogesh Saxena

Mr.Dominik Taszkin

Title : "Hot Forming Presses"
- AP&T, Sweden + ISGEC, India

The talk deals with the morphology of a Hot Forming Line, along with elaboration and specifications of various building blocks, including Press, Furnace and Automation There would be a Case Study illustration of a complete project execution, representing the locally available competency to design, commission and support a contemporary World Class Hot Forming Production Facility.

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Mr.Carl Lorentzen

Title : "Evolution and Innovations at Flow Forming & Spin Forming Machines"
- MJC Engineering & Technology Inc, USA

This presentation will cover evolution of features and facilities on Flow Forming and Spin Forming machines, for significant improvements in overall productivity, quality and operational performance. Making them Industry 4.0 compliant with provision of smart sensors is another important development. Flow Forming is a promising technology for Defense, Aerospace and Automotive of Electric Vehicle era.

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Dr.Bart Carleer

Title : "Driving Productivity in Stamping Through Technological Innovations"
- Autoform Engineering - Germany & India

This talk will deal with new advances and innovations in sheet forming simulation technology and engineering workflow to enable improved productivity and further improvement in simulation accuracy. It proposes an engineering workflow, to help improve process capability and process robustness, along with shrinking the Project throughput time.

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Mr.Martin Blaschke

Mr.Dominik Herrmann

Title : "Evolution and Innovations at Punch Press Machine"
- Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen, Germany

A retrospective on how the simple Punch Press has evolved in recent times: with addition of various innovations, augmentations and automation features such as Laser Blanking Tool. This presentation will also illustrate how such equipment is being made Industry 4.0 ready.

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Mr.Klaus Huebner

Title : "Process chain simulation to investigate functional properties"
- Simufact, Germany

There is still an unbroken trend towards higher specifications and performance measures of metallic components and assemblies, no matter how they are processed. Especially in automotive industry, the demand for light weighting requires the usage of high strength material and this is forcing engineers from all production technologies to continuously reach or rather exceed the known limits of existing approaches and well established processes. Examples of prediction of functional properties of the parts made by combination of strip roll forming and winding processes will be shared.

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Materials & Tools

Mr.Jens Aspacher

Title : "Hot stamping Dies : Practical Case Study"
- Schuler, Germany

Dies are the vital component of famous “PCH ( Pressure Controlled Hardness ) Lines” which help achieve 7.5 strokes / minute and a Cycle time of 8 seconds. Illustrative and insightful Case-Studies on Design considerations, process and manufacturing of Hot Forming Dies and their integration with Hot Forming Presses will be shared.

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Mr.Michael Nagel

Title : "Laser Die Hardening"
- Laserline, Germany

This talk will present Robotized Diode Laser based solution for Die Hardening, including specific features, operating parameters, performance and benefits in terms of extending Die Life and simplification of Die manufacturing process. This technology when used for Die Hardening avoids distortion and consequently the need for iterative hard machining / annealing and/or welding on a finished Die.

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Mr.Parag Dandawate

Title : "Capability building for Skin Panel Stamping Dies"
- Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, India

Capability Building for in-house development of Complex Skin Panel Stamping Dies with focus on First time right Engineering, Design, Manufacturing & Prove out. Complex skin Panel has challenges like Formability due to latest styling requirements, Accurate Manufacturing and aesthetic and Dimensional Qualification. Specific challenges in Design and Manufacture of Fender dies, involving complex cam mechanisms and Innovation, for state of art Press Line will be addressed.

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Prof. K. Narasimhan

Title : "Advanced Materials for Forming Applications"
- IIT Mumbai , India

A review of trends and latest developments in the whole range of Materials for Forming Applications, including AHSS Aluminum and Magnesium. Typical properties and Forming issues will be discussed with these materials and how those are being addressed.

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Mr.Anil Kumar Gupta

Title : "Determining Formability of Sheet Metal"
- GOM / APM Technology India

The use of ARGUS and ARAMIS software in conjunction with optical scan – digitizer to determine the formability properties and FLD of a printed sheet specimen will be covered in this talk. This process provides vital inputs to sheet forming simulation for precise prediction and for verifying the consistency and variability of blanks.

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Dr.Ratheesh Kumar

Title : "Adhesive Technology for leak proof sheet metal part joining"
- Dr. Ratheesh Kumar,3M India Ltd.

Adhesive solutions that replace the conventional mechanical fastening solutions like welding, riveting, bolting etc in industries, will be shared in this presentation. Use of Adhesive and Sealant technologies in commercial vehicles’ construction results into: substantial amount of weight reduction, damping vibrations / flutter, manufacturing process simplification and leak proofing of sheet joints.

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