IMTMA will require following material for your participation in the GIMT

Technical Data Section

The following information must be sent to IMTMA
  1. Name of the firm
  2. Company logo in Corel-draw file. Alternatively, PNG/JPG can also be submitted
  3. Model and main specification (as per Annexure-A) under different product categories.
    (If your product requires any specific format other than the format given please specify the same)
  4. Follow these steps to upload Annexure-A
    1. Download the Annexure -A file from the link below
    2. Key in your product details, save it on your desktop
    3. Upload the Annexure-A file

Photo Gallery Section

  1. Photographs should be given only in PNG/JPG format with minimum of 72 dpi and maximum of 300 dpi
  2. Each Picture - Minimum size ( 200 x 400 pixels ) and max file size should be less than 2MB
  3. Please provide only basic important specs(Not Exceeding 5 lines) along with the pictures. Detailed specs can be provided in Annexure-A
    Eg. - For Lathes Important Specs - Center Distance,
                                                                   Center Height,
  4. Please note, that the first 4 pages of the gallery sections are free of cost. Additional gallery pages will be charged @ Rs. 3,000/- each.

The background of all the photographs should be blank (white). Do not include operator along with the machine.

Advertisement Section

Companies can use this space to give paid ads to advertise their products in GIMT
  1. Advertisements should be given in image format and should be in Jpeg format only with following sizes:
    • Full Page  : 856 x 1210 pixels
    • Half Page : 856 x 562 pixels
    • Strip Ad     : 856 x 172 pixels

  2. Members can view sample advertisements by clicking on
    (Please see - page no – 20 & 21)

Company Details

Company Name
Company Logo

(Recommended - Coreldraw. Alternatively PNG/JPG can also be submitted.)

( Download the Annexure A, fill in the Products specs in detail and upload the same. You can upload Products Pictures and brief specs in the next page.)
Annexure-A Document


Once filled up, your profile will look like this : Sample Form 1    |    Sample Form 2