Vision 2020

 India is stepping in to a new phase in manufacturing. It has benchmarked for itself a much higher growth than the current one over the next few years. There is a vision for manufacturing — of achieving 25% share in overall GDP by the year 2025 with concerted focus on technology and depth value addition, and to generate for the country a hundred million manufacturing jobs.

Ever since the first 'Vision' conference in 1995, India's machine tool industry has assiduously worked on enriching its products – through better productivity, quality, design, product development and aesthetics. There is a need to reinvigorate focus on how to realise the BIG picture. This include achieving 50 % domestic market share and leapfrogging into the larger orbit of becoming a significant global player — from world's seventh to the third largest machine tool market and from thirteenth to the fifth machine tool producing nation. 


Vision 2020 statement

"We will be in the Top 5 Machine Tool Building Nations by 2020 Leveraging World Class R&D, Infrastructure, Systems and People Delivering Innovative Solutions and Services to Create ‘Value for Customers’"
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